Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poetry Event at Delco Institute of Science

We're giving a shout out to Eileen D'Angelo and the members of the Mad Poets Society who invited the Berks Bards to read on November 20 at the Delco Institute of Science in Media, PA. What a location! We're on the stage at the microphone, in a Civil War era edifice filled with untold collections of specimens, rocks, gems, rare science and history books, and lots of stuffed birds in glass cases. The audience was great, very receptive to our poems, and Eileen was a gracious host.

BB poets who made the road trip to Media were Patrick and Marilyn Klimcho, Michael Clipman, Jen Gittings-Dalton, Elizabeth Bodien, Naimon Lyons, and Liz Stanley.

We're takin' it on the road! Join us!