Friday, April 18, 2008

Help Berks Bards raise funds for poetry!

Help Berks Bards raise funds for poetry! Spring BB Fundraiser begins now through June 30th.

Redner's Warehouse Supermarkets donates 1% of sales to Berks Bards when
we submit receipts under their Save-A-Tape program.

1. To participate, ask to enroll at any Redner's Supermarket. You will receive a card with a bar code.

2. Prior to ringing up your order, ask the clerk to swipe your Save-A-Tape card.
The receipt displays a Save-A-Tape total.

3. Turn your collected tapes in to any of the following board members, Marilyn Klimcho, Liz Stanley,
Jennifer Gittings-Dalton, or Michael Clipman at any Berks Bard event. We'll submit them to Redner's for reimbursement.

Any questions? Contact Berks Bards treasurer, Marilyn Klimcho,

Liz Stanley
~Berks Bards