Friday, June 6, 2008

Poets and drummers

Poets and drummers!

Berks Bards has invited three more readers to join us on Sunday for the "Poetry and Percussion" performance (12:00 noon to 3:00 pm) at the GoggleWorks. Please plan to meet at the Gallery on the First Floor Front (near the Bravo Cafe') at 11:30 am.

Maria Elena Arias-Zelidon
Awilda I. Castro-Suarez
Naimon Lyons

Pete Barnhart will be the featured musician on drums and the Hang instrument during the first hour of the event. We asked him to play three 18-minute sets, solo and with Michael Clipman. Two Berks Bards poets will read briefly between these percussion sets.

In the second and third hours, poets will read for five minutes each, in rotation so that the audience will hear from several poets in each set. Two poets may also perform as "call and call-back" in an impromptu duet. Poets may read with drum accompaniment by Michael Clipman, or without percussion, as they choose. Michael may do his own presentation, with voice and percussion.

Depending on how large an audience we draw, and how the afternoon goes, we may take one or two intermissions.

Invite your friends and family!

Questions? Call me at 610-207-1020.

Liz Stanley
~Berks Bards