Friday, September 19, 2008

Kudos to the Poets of September 14th

Bravo and Huzzah's to the Poets of September 14th who performed at the GoggleWorks in Reading, and drew an admiring audience of friends, fans of poetry. and visitors to the Third Anniversary of the Center for the Arts.

Poets included Ann Michael, Jayne Relaford Brown, Barbara De Cesare, Michael Lear-Olimpi, Jim Warner, Doug Arnold, Pat Klimcho, Marilyn Klimcho, Jen Gittings-Dalton, Michael Clipman, Candace Kaucher, Irv Westerfer, Barbara Cassidy, and Liz Stanley.

A surprise presentation of a cermonial cup came from Marty Esworthy of the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel in Harrisburg. Thanks, Marty!

Berks Bards Rocks!

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