Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sept. 6, 2012 at 6 pm join Berks Bards as we welcome poet Jennifer Gittings-Dalton to the Cucina Cafe in the GoggleWorks

Spend this First Thursday, September 6th with Berks Bards and Jennifer Gittings-Dalton     
A poet, free-lance writer, and career consultant, Jen Gittings-Dalton formerly directed career services and coordinated study abroad/international advising programs in local colleges. In addition to writing non-fiction articles, she has founded Mind's Eye Writing & Editing, a service offering resume editing, career assessment, and job search preparation for hardworking people at any level of career transition.

Her chapbook, “Bird in the Overhang,” was published by FootHills Publishing in 2008, and her poems have appeared in “No Barriers!”, Front Street Journal, Mulberry Poets & Writers Review, and in other publications.

Jen's poetry celebrates relationships with her family and others, and most fundamentally with the living land around her.  A mother of two grown children, she and her husband live in Exeter at the fork of two creeks, with two demanding creatures, the Rottweiler-Lab Robbie and a black cat named Nur.

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